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Debra Caligiuri is one of the area’s best family law attorneys. She was highly recommended to me by one of San Diego’s largest mediation firms. I asked for the names of three outstanding attorneys, and I received three names, but with the caveat that once I met with Debra Caligiuri, I wouldn’t feel the need to meet with anyone else.

Ms. Caligiuri is highly regarded by family law judges and opposing attorneys. They enjoy working with her, as do her clients, because she is highly capable, compassionate, trustworthy, fair, and ethical. Ms. Caligiuri is very strategic in her thinking and quick on her feet. In her many years of experience, she has seen it all. My case was a difficult one, but Ms. Caligiuri’s experience kept us one step ahead at every turn. Not only was I thrilled with her results, I was proud to have her represent me. I recommend Ms. Caligiuri to others without reservation, and will continue to do so.

Family Law Client

Excellent lawyer! Ms. Caligiuri was extremely knowledgeable and efficient in reviewing my Marital Settlement Agreement. In addition, she was very kind, patient and thoughtful, a superb example of what a lawyer should be. Thank you Ms. Caligiuri, I was so grateful for your assistance.“


Great Attorney - Ms. Caligiuri was subbed in my divorce case after (me) being fed up with a prior attorney. She was able to get my case settled within six months. She did a great job and was knowledgeable as well as compassionate...


Making the best of an unusual situation - I had tried to navigate unpaid future child support. my own divorce without an attorney and was unsuccessful... I had two young daughters to protect and care for all on my own.

I finally hired Debra Caligiuri. Debra listened well, and was never impatient. She did not criticize me for filing on my own and failing to succeed. She informed me of the options and possible complications. She was supportive of my feelings and concerns, never inciting my anger. Her approach was not purely legal, but compassionate too, helping me to weigh the emotional toll with the time and possible legal ramifications. She understood my dilemma and was willing to proceed with my uncommon request, which was to use my home (that was fully paid for) as security for unpaid future child support.

A divorce was granted, although due to the unusual nature of my settlement, the court retained jurisdiction over the ultimate dissolution of assets and child support.

Years later, Debra was there to help with the final settlement and stipulation... Debra was always there when I needed her. She made the best of a tough situation. She helped me navigate the storm, and all the subsequent gales that followed. My daughters and I came out of it all with a close relationship, and the retention of our home. Thank you Debra Caligiuri!”

Divorce Client
Divorce Client

Excellent at dealing with a difficult case... My ex was difficult and unresponsive, putting up barrier after barrier..., but Debra was able to remain patient, help me understand the legal aspects of each situation, and recommend a course of action that ultimately got the case settled and finalized.


Blessed...Yes! Finally a lawyer that doesn’t think of you as another number! (Debra) is very easy to talk to and very accessible. She explains everything to you along each step of the way.


...From the first visit, I knew (Debra)

.was the best person to handle my case.

.She is approachable, compassionate & understanding yet extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise. Her approach is not aggressive but she is assertive with her client’s best interest in mind ... She made me feel that she cared about me & not just my case, and wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with everything before closing it out. Great extra touch!

Divorce Client

Debra Caligiuri is an ethical and outstanding attorney. She represented me in a most tumultuous divorce case. We were in court on numerous occasions and I always felt as though she was knowledgeable and representing my best interests...

I am pleased to say that despite the complicated nature of my case, it ended quite favorably. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for an divorce attorney!

Divorce Client

A very knowledgeable and ethical lawyer - I was very pleased with how Mrs. Caligiuri was diligent and had a long term goal of resolving the case while still keeping ethics in mind.

Family law can get very personal and she always suggested a fair response while still maintaining our position in the process. I was very pleased and would recommend her services to someone who wants an experienced, fair attorney.

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