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Spousal Support


Spousal support is often one of the most conflicted issues in a divorce or legal separation proceeding. There is no set guideline formula to calculate spousal support in California. The courts will sometimes use a guideline calculation for the purpose of temporary spousal support pending the final Judgment. However, a there are many factors the court must consider to determine a “permanent” spousal support amount.

A person’s right to receive spousal support, or obligation to pay spousal support, may change based on the length of the marriage, one party’s ability and opportunity to be gainfully employed, and/or a change in either party’s circumstances.

The attorneys at the Law & Mediation Offices of Debra N. Caligiuri are experienced and highly trained in the area of spousal support. We are efficient and dedicated to achieving your goals in the most beneficial and cost-effective manner. Please contact our offices today to discuss your family matter.

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