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Pre-Divorce Planning


We are dedicated to help you reduce your stress and save time and money by informing you about your alternatives and planning prior to separation or divorce.

We offer valuable consultation, information, and advice regarding all aspects of a potential divorce or separation process, including the choices now available to couples who move forward with a divorce or separation. Our clients learn how to work in the best interest of their children, as well as how to effectively protect their own legal and financial rights and obligations.

Emotions are the underlying force that influences the degree of cooperation or adversity in the divorce process. Clients who participate in our pre-divorce planning learn to identify emotional stressors, how emotions interfere with decision-making, and techniques for handling the steps of a separation and divorce which are naturally high stress.

Special emphasis is placed on the emotional, intellectual, physical, social and developmental needs of your children before and after the divorce, including: how to tell them about divorce, determining the division of child-rearing responsibilities, developing a parenting schedule, and evaluating support resources for your children.

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