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CACI Grievance Hearings

(Child Abuse CentFULral Index)

If you have received notice of being placed on the Child Abuse Central Index, this can affect your future ability to be involved in certain aspects of your child(ren)’s activities.

CACI Grievance Hearings are not held in a court of law. Instead, they take place at the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency. If you dispute being placed on this index based on false allegations made against you, the next step is to request a Grievance Hearing, which is held and decided by a Hearing Officer.

The Hearing Officer will act as judge, jury, and prosecutor in your dispute. Depending of the circumstances of your matter, the hearing typically involves any witnesses, and the Child Protective Services agent who made the adverse recommendation to place you on the index.

It is through our experience and observation first hand that Child Protective Services agents often are biased in such a way they are likely to arbitrarily recommend that a parent be placed on CACI for their own professional gain. Our firm is experienced in the CACI Grievance Hearing process, and have successfully assisted clients in getting their names removed from the index.

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