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Empower Yourself During Your Divorce

  • by Debra Caligiuri Esq
  • Sep 1, 2015

How many times have we all heard and even repeated the phrase "Ignorance is bliss"? It may be popular, but ignorance is bliss is no credo to live by. One online dictionary defines "Ignorance is bliss" as "a term used to falsely justify apathy...


ESI 101: A Practical Guide for Electronically Stored Information in a Divorce Proceeding

Recent changes in California law now mandate that parties to a divorce proceeding are required to refrain from destroying or changing any Electronically Stored Information, or ESI for short. So what’s the big deal and why should you keep reading? ...



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Excellent at dealing with a difficult case... She has extensive contacts within the San Diego judicial system and I believe those contacts helped during the numerous court appearances we had to attend.

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